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Dropshipping Video Ads

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     Why Use Eldropshipper?

Eldropshipper has THE winning formula to scale any product. Our team of copywriters and video editors create THE BEST and THE MOST outstanding video ads at the most affordable prices ANYWHERE, GUARANTEED!

No matter what the product is if YOU need high quality Facebook or Tik Tok ads you can reliably test, grow and out perform the competition with us in your corner.

So we are calling ALL dropshippers and eCommerce owners to give us a try because we won’t rest until you are 100% satisfied

What You'll Be Getting With Us 👇



How Does It Work?


Choose your package, place your order, and complete the checkout process.


Fill out our post purchase submission forum sent via email to provide us with all the necessary information 


Your ad will be sent via email in 1-3 business days. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Every product is hand picked. We have the most rigours research process in the business.

Your winning product list will be delivered to you within 24 hours via the email you provided us at checkout. 

We provide a supplier option with every product. All suppliers operate through AliExpress which makes testing fast and easy for you. Simply import products with Oberlo or DSers and then fulfill  those order within seconds. 

Yes! If you need help with your order or just have any questions you can leave a message with our chat feature or click the contact us link as send a email.

Generally no. We find treding products in all niches our service is about finding the best possible products to sell. We dont like to limit our search in any way.

Yes, we offer all the tools needed to find successful dropshipping products for all skill levels.

The only information we need will be the email adress you provide at checkout.

Yes every current memeber of our team has there own active dropshipping brands.

We dont provide insights on adult toys or extemley high ticket items.

No, Our team invests a lot of time on the curation of our product lists. Additionally we treat these list as private cheat sheets for our customers success. This keeps the value of our lists far above any one else. And makes it so you have a higher rate of success. You can however cancel your order at any time by contacting our support team before the list is sent out.