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How do I contact the person who is designing my store?

If you need to communicate with the expert who is designing your ecommerce you can do it quickly using the WhatsApp button that is in the lower left corner or by clicking click here. Just let him know your order number and voila! 

In what time will my store be ready?

Your e-commerce will be ready in 4 to 7 days, depending on the complexity and the number of products.

How do they transfer ownership of my store to me?

You will receive an email from Shopify to access your store, after accepting the invitation, ownership of your store is transferred to you and our team will automatically stop having access. 

What if I don't like the design of my store?

We handle a 100% satisfaction policy, you can request up to 3 reviews until you are satisfied.

Why is the personalized 1-to-1 counseling time?

30 days from the first contact.

Can I make money promoting your services without having to sell?
Yes, you can promote our services (creation of online stores for freelancers and companies; e-commerce redesign, and others) and earn a 30% commission for each sale made through your affiliate link. If you want to create an Affiliate account, you can do so by doingclick here. The following table explains how much you would earn expressed in US dollars:

 Service name Commission (30%) in USD
E-Commerce for Business From $ 450 to $ 1350
Premium Stores 
From $ 45 to $ 90 
Store Redesign
From $ 21 to $ 60
Video Ads
From $ 15 to $ 37.50 
1 to 1 counseling
$ 75
Facebook Ads Consulting
$ 45
Logos Design
$ 15

Your commissions are automatically sent to your PayPal after a sale is obtained through your Affiliate link. You will have access to real-time statistics on your sales, clicks generated and conversion% on your account dashboard.