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While great product images are what attract your customer, it's your product descriptions that make the sale. It is vitally important to write a good product description for each product, so that your customers know exactly what they are getting and can trust that you know their products well. These descriptions should not only describe features and benefits, but also convey to customers the problem that your product will solve for them. 

Here are some things to include in your product descriptions to get started:

Basic information of the product

What is the important information your customers need to know? This can include size, weight, colors, materials, care instructions, sizing information, and any unique selling points. Consider the frequently asked questions and make sure the information is available.

Depending on the length of product descriptions, this type of information is sometimes presented in bullets so that customers can quickly scan them.

Sensation descriptions

How does your product feel to the touch? How will your client feel when you bring it into their lives? How will you improve your mood, productivity, social life, or self-esteem?

These types of questions appeal to the emotional side of shopping, the side that determines whether a customer really  wants   a product or not. Tell your client how they will improve their life with your product. 

Brand tone and language

Make sure the same buzzwords, tone, and writing style that are used in the rest of your online store are also used in your product descriptions.  

Spelling, grammar, and word flow play a huge role in sounding professional. If you are not a confident writer, find an experienced freelancer to edit your descriptions.

Consider search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to the practice of using popular search terms and keywords in your online store copy to make your store more likely to appear in search engine results.

Simply put, you need to include in your product descriptions some of the terms that your customers type on Google to find your products. 

Follow the example of the competition

Visit your competitors' stores or other online stores that you admire and pay close attention to their product descriptions. What kind of language do they use? What makes you want to buy that product? Does it make sense with your brand? 

Getting inspired by the brands you aspire to is a great way to understand what you would like to do in your own store.

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