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The most important word in e-commerce is conversion. There are many ways to engage your customers: targeted ads, banner ads, email campaigns. It's important to have a destination for these customers - a landing page that supports their creative messages and provides a seamless experience from engagement to checkout.

Today, there are many tools and services to help you generate emails and announcements. Even getting charts isn't the problem it once was, and the number of tools to help you get the most out of your clients' psychology of desire is vast. 

However you do it, whatever creative you're running to market your store and engage your customers, that branding and messaging needs to be supported once those customers land on your site. If not, you are simply allowing people to aimlessly view your site without any coherent message linking everything.

The correct way to do it is summarized by one of the web designers on our team:

A misconception: "I need to show everything on my landing page."

Merchants tend to want to include every part of their store on every page. It's very easy to bombard customers with too much information. Having a newsletter pop-up and blog and social media area are good ideas for your store, but when you have a landing page that you're using to convert customers, those elements ultimately detract from your message.

Prioritize your message.

Landing pages are most effective when you have a targeted message that shows the benefits of a product. With Page Studio, our advice is always to prioritize the message. A page, a message, a clear call to action. What is the story you are trying to tell? What is the only product you want customers to interact with? How do they buy it? If you can keep answering these questions, customers are much more likely to convert.

 Show the benefits of your product

Shopify does a great job with product pages, displaying product images, specs, variants, add-to-cart, but where landing pages come in is creating that "FOMO" effect. They are your opportunity to show the benefits of a product: how to use it, what is the end result, how your customer's life has been incomplete up to this point because they don't have your product.

Imagine that you are a family store that sells artisanal salt. You probably won't get too far showing off a container of salt and some pretty packaging. But show customers the foods they could prepare, show families coming together cooking with this product, show people living better and healthier lifestyles. That's a lot to convey on a product page, so landing pages are your opportunity to tell a very specialized story and let your customers imagine using your product in real life.

Have a clear call to action

When I say a clear call to action, it is literally a big juicy button that takes customers exactly where they need to go to buy your product. There should be no other tempting links on the page, nothing to distract them from the main conclusion, which is to go buy your product.

If you want a member of our team to design or redesign your online store and advise you on the best practices to be profitable when selling online, you can click services and get started with whatever your needs are.