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You should keep the following things in mind when writing compelling content on your product description page.


In essence, if your customers believe that your brand is there to help them, they are more likely to make a purchase. People trust brands that show empathy towards them, that care about what matters to them. In fact, more than 50% of potential customers want you to connect with them on a personal level. 

This means that you will need to identify what problem your customer might be having and clearly explain how your brand will improve their life. Your online store copy should appear comprehensive and is intended to help educate your customers. Once a customer fully understands what role your brand can play in their life, they are more likely to be loyal to you. 

Also, making customer support or contact information visible on every page goes a long way toward building trust among buyers. Again, if customers feel that you are really there to help them, they will have more confidence to invest in your products. Doing this can be as simple as adding a sentence to the bottom of each product page that says something like “Have a question? We're here to help ”with a hyperlink where your customers can contact you. 

Broadcast your unique selling point:

Shoppers aren't just looking to buy products, they want to connect with you and your business. Ask yourself: Why would a customer choose to buy from you and not from a competitor? The answer to this should be a simple sentence that clearly states what sets your business apart, also known as a unique selling proposition.

A great exercise in trying to define your USP is to start by wondering why your online store exists. You can start with a broad answer along the lines of "sell my product." Then ask yourself why, answering each time until you come up with an answer that is the essence behind your ecommerce business. Once you have this, you can turn it into a sentence along with what your business offers your customer and it should have the foundation for a great USP. 

Once you've defined it, write all of your website content through the lens of your PVU.

Know who you are writing for:

Outlining the profiles of your ideal clients will help you create a  more personalized and compelling copy  that responds to their particular needs and interests. Spend time researching and defining the demographics and behaviors of your ideal customer, and let that person influence all of your marketing. 

What would they want to know about your brand? What details of your products would be the most important to them? Is there something about your business, like charitable giving or green practices, that appeals to them? By getting into your customers' heads, you'll gain a better perspective on what they really need to know to connect with your brand and ultimately convert. 

Don't overdress:

Good writing doesn't beat around the bush. Make your online store easier for your customers to read and understand by forgoing flowery language or anecdotes in favor of short sentences, subtitles, and easy-to-read font sizes. 

You may also want to include bullets in places where you are listing a lot of different information, such as in your product descriptions, to make it easier for your customers to scan the content. 

SEO is important:

Search engines are the key to being found online. Search engine optimization is the practice of using relevant keywords or popular search terms in your website copy to improve your store's searchability and attract valuable traffic. 

Shopify makes SEO easy by customizing your meta description, blog post URL, collections, products, web pages, alt text, and title tags. 

Keep in mind that SEO is not a "set it and forget it" situation. Trends change and competition evolves, as does your business over time. Make sure to update your SEO keywords regularly.

Check everything three times:

There is nothing like a typo to make a customer question the professionalism of your brand. Make sure to check everything several times, even have someone else read it all, before you go live. If you're not the most confident writer or would like someone with great writing skills to review what you've created, don't be afraid to ask freelancers for help; you will find a lot of quality of these remote workers on fiverr and upwork.

If you want a member of our team to design or redesign your online store and advise you on the best practices to be profitable when selling online, you can click service and get started with your needs are.